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The foundation of this four session class is based on “Money Habitudes” created by Syble Solomon. The personal mission of this program is to give people tools, information and encouragement to take responsibility for today and build resilience for tomorrow.   Money Habitudes is an engaging card game which helps individuals learn how their habits and attitudes about money support or sabotage their life, relationships, careers, and financial goals.  The class also includes Relationship Education modules from research based curricula adopted by the Alabama Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Initiative. 

Class One
Module 1 – Discover Where You’re Coming From!
Purpose – Understand the role of values, habits, attitudes and emotions with respect to financial choices:  often looking at why we choose to spend and save the way we do.
Module 2 – Discover Where You Are Now!
Purpose – Look at one’s own spending and saving decisions, often as a lead-in to making a budget or spending plan of setting financial goals.

Class Two
Module 3 – Skilled Communication and Conflict Management
Purpose – Develop communication skills and strategies for discussing financial issues – be it with a financial professional, spouse, business partner, family member, etc.

Class Three
Module 4 – Where Do You Go From Here?
Purpose – Develop personal financial and lifestyle goals and successfully recognize the importance of maintaining said goals to become financially literate. The SMART Goal Formula is used as the catalyst for this session.

Class Four
Module 5 – How Are You Doing?
Purpose – Provide follow up for progress of SMART Goals set by participant as well as provide additional community resources to supplement the continued progress of said goals